Vienna Eye Care Partners


  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with eye diseases and, in particular, cataract. Bangladesh is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Floods and shortage of (drinking) water, high plague risk, deficient or often completely missing medical facilities in some areas. Faridpur, a city south of the capital Dhaka, is one of these regions. Help and sustainable support are not an easy undertaking due to the complete lack of infrastructure, of knowledge and equipment. Vienna Eye Care Partners (VECP), together with our Bengali partner, the Faridpur Welfare Foundation, have been offering treatment and (cataract) operations for ophthalmic and blind patients for two years. Viennese ophthalmologists work in an honorary capacity to help as many people as possible and to train young doctors and medical staff. For the poorest this is their only chance of regaining their eye-sight. The costs of an operation or of medication are prohibitive for them. Moreover, everything is lacking: surgical material, lenses, sterilisation sets, equipment. The circumstances are challenging: lack of hygiene, water, electricity. We are working on a sustainable continuation of the project and on helping Faridpur,
  • through the training of local eye doctors,
  • improvement of the local infrastructure: medical equipment of the hospital, hygiene, sterilisation (Autoclav), instruments, purchase of split-lamps, ophthalmometers and Phako-machine,
  • Acquisition activities and sponsoring.