Vienna Eye Care Partners



From the minutes of the 6th VECP MEETING

on August 31, 2014

Visit to “Licht für die Welt” to explore possibilities for cooperation. The organisation works differently, however. Their aim is the improvement of local infrastructure, they do not send out operating teams. Local eye specialists are instructed and operate for a fee. They do not support the phako-method and use the so-called Small Incision Procedure.The next project date was fixed for February 6 to 20, 2015, again concurrent with the plastic surgery project.It would be reasonable to hold a preparatory coordination meeting with the local eye specialists after arrival in Faridpur. Include Rotarians as responsible people for maintenance and protection of operating equipment.The role of Rotary International for the acquisition of a ‘Global Grant’ was addressed. Cooperation with Rotary Faridpur is essential for a successful application. We sent the guidelines to Rotary Faridpur.t


on April 12, 2015-08-03

Most important item: Cancelling of our February 2015 project. Both the Austrian Foreign Ministry and Mr Shamim Haque in Bangladesh have given out travel warnings. Shamin rates the situation outside the capital as especially dangerous. We informed our friends and sponsors. (For detailed information see “Current”)The eye specialists are worried about the cancellation of the 2015 project because of the equipment (slit lamps, microscope) left behind and their condition due to storage. It was decided that a technician has to be present at the next use in 2015 in order to check respectively repair the equipment to have it ready for use. By way of precaution spare parts ought to be taken along.The next project date was fixed for February 6 to 20, 2015, again concurrent with the plastic surgery project.It is necessary to discuss sustainability in the future with Shamim Haque. Who can guarantee the continuation of the project? Should there be an exchange programme between eye specialists in Faridpur and Vienna? Open for further discussion.

From the minutes of the 8th VECP MEETING

September 13, 2015

After we had to cancel the project in February 2015, the equipment remaining in the country are checked monthly and also used. One of the split-lamps is dirty, the second split-lamp and the microscope were transferred to the Holland Children House. It is planned to take a technician along on the next trip. The split-lamp should not be cleaned on site, except by our technician, which is better than an inappropriate cleaning process. Planned date for a mission in Bangladesh is between February 6 and 20, 2016.

From the minutes of the 9th VECP-meeting

January 10, 2016

The dangerous situation in Bangladesh is discussed. At the moment travel warnings have been issued by the Dutch, Austrian and Australian embassies. ‘Doctors van de Wereld’ also discourage from travels in the area. The decision is to postpone the trip to late autumn, a possible date is November 12 to 26, 2016. Prior to that, a site investigation is planned, in order to check and test material, microscope etc. The question remains, who could supervise and do this.
Should it not be possible to carry out the project in November, the next question is whether to postpone once more or back out of Bangladesh altogether.
The consequences were discussed and also the possibility of reactivating the project, perhaps after two years. A problem might be the condition of the equipment and the other material left behind: is it still fully operational or maybe gone altogether? In case of termination of the project, questions regarding the financial situation, adaptation of the website etc. have to be settled. What are possible alternatives? The Philippines? The possibility of respective training measures in India is discussed. In principle, all previous participants of the mission in Bangladesh would be ready to resume their activities as soon as the security situation in the country has improved.

From the minutes of the 10th VECP-meeting

June 26, 2016

There is still unrest in Bangladesh, only absolutely inevitable travels should be undertaken. Armed gangs are roaming the country, especially Dhaka. There is little contact with relevant people in the country. The question of a possible use of equipment and material is discussed. The new sterilizer and the ultrasonic device are to be retrieved. In the future partnership with another project should be considered. There is possible demand in Nepal, Myanmar and South Sudan. Members of the Board will explore demand and potential contacts.
The financial situation of the association is sound. The Board express their gratitude to all sponsors.

From the minutes of the 11th VECP-meeting

October 4, 2016

The ‘Stichting Faridpur Nederland’ decided to carry out a compact mission again in January 2017. The political situation in Bangladesh is stable, strict security measures are nevertheless necessary. The VECP Boars agree with eh VECP President joining the Dutch mission and evaluating the situation on site, including the condition of equipment and material.

In the meantime contact was established with Mr Hassan Malik, official at UNO City Vienna. He asked VECP to consider a fact finding mission to his home town Sennar City. People without resources do no receive medical treatment unless they pay for it. As a first step the ambassador of South Sudan is planning to invite the VECP members for more detailed information and will then check whether help of this kind would be accepted by the government in Khartoum. After this meeting it will be clarified whether a fact finding mission makes sense at all and if personal security can be guaranteed.