Vienna Eye Care Partners

The Members

Honorary member

Mr. Shamim Haque,
President Faridpur Welfare Foundation

He is our partner in Faridpur and founded a thriving textile factory in Bangladesh (AKH – group, Dhaka) 20 years ago. In 2000 he took the initiative to do humanitarian work in his birth-place Faridpur. He is the president of the ‘Faridpur Welfare Foundation’ and main sponsor as well as organiser of our yearly project in Bangladesh. In the meantime he has also become a personal friend.



Greindl, Günther
Krappen, Rolf
Kraupp, Dr. Ingrid
Marek, Dr. Michael
Spauwen-Micka, Mag. Elisabeth
Salomon, Dr. Alex
Schindler, Dr. Hans
Spauwen, Prof. Dr. Paul