Vienna Eye Care Partners



We are glad to report on the progress of our eye-project in Bangladesh. In the meantime – it is January 2017 – the political situation in Bangladesh has eased off reasonably. Nevertheless, projects can only be carried out under safety measures. The VECP-managing board decided to assess the situation on-site. The VECP chairperson, Mag. Elisabeth Spauwen-Micka, carried out an on-site inspection between January 21 and February 3 in Faridpur. It turned out that the equipment left behind (microscope for operations and two split-lamps) has gratefully been used by local eye-specialists. This way we have accomplished something permanent for Faridpur. Surgical instruments, pharmaceuticals and spare lenses had been stored in dust-proof containers and were in good condition. Unfortunately, most of the pharmaceuticals and lenses had expired, so we had to dispose of them.
Mr Shamim Haque, president of the Faridpur Welfare Foundation, has expressed himself positively on the continuation of the eye-project. There are so many visually handicapped and blind people who need treatment so as to be able to participate socially and to earn their living.
O.A. Dr Alex Salomon has agreed to once more supervise the next project at the beginning of 2018. We hope that this way we will be able to make sensible use of our sponsors’ financial support and successfully prolong the project.

March 12, 2017-03-13
Mag. Elisabeth Spauwen-Micka
VECP Chairperson